What is HARP?

All are Welcome

High Ashes Rural Project, H.A.R.P. is a safe haven to come to. We offer friendship, care and consistency. H.A.R.P. wants to let people know it’s open to all and gladly welcomes Volunteers and Friends to join our community. We support people with learning disabilities So, if you are interested in Rural Life and skills, or want just to share time with others.


Some of our recent projects


Our first project, in 2014, was to create a woodland with a variety of native trees, including Hazel and Willow. We planted 10 acres with over 6000 native trees and shrubs. This has created a diverse wildlife habitat.



The ‘Garden Buddies’ projects, ran with a group of unemployed young people working and learning, side by side with a group with learning disabilities. Sharing friendship and respecting each other.



We all worked together to clear the site for the poly tunnel. We then had to measure the site and work out the dimensions of the poly tunnel. The team members had a lot of fun doing it.

As a registered charity providing learning and delivering courses to all ages and abilities within the community, we are hugely impressed with HARP“
Carl Hardman
Chairman DSWA
High Ashes Rural Project ,operate with a high level of integrity. Their approach is person centred and inclusive.”
Charlotte Brown
Dart Training